Free VST Leftover Lasagne – Pushtec – Windows Only

Lefhover Lasagne es un desarrollador que nos ofrece este plugin Ecualizador de forma gratuita, se trata de un ecualizador de 6 bandas, con gran cantidad de plantillas y amplia documentación (pdf ingles)…el plugin tienen un procesamiento interno de 64bits y esta disponible solo para la plataforma Windows en versiones de 32bit y 64bit.


Pushtec 5+1A is a 6-band mid-range and program EQ, it contains a decent amount of presets and PDF manual in multiple languages. A Winamp plugin version is also included. The algorithm behind the stunning user interface is based on a circuit schematic of one (well, two to be exact) of the most sought-after vintage analog EQs. We combined a superb program EQ with a rare midrange EQ to end up with a very flexible all-around tool for your mixing and mastering sessions.

Since the digital discretisation introduces a mismatch near the nyquist, we also implemented a proprietary matching algorithm to keep the frequency domain error below 0.1dB…The plug-in has an internal precision of 64bits, and is capable of achieving a SNR of over 160dB. The newest technologies and latest algorithms used in our products give you a startling emulation of yesterday’s hardware – today. Last but not least, we added slightly more range and heft to the EQ boost. After all, it isn’t called Pushtec for nothing!


Pushtec 5+1A by Leftover Lasagne

Free VST Leftover Lasagne – Pushtec – Windows Only

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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